To provide a support group for stay at home moms, part-time working moms, and moms that work from home. To provide a forum for relevant topics of interest. To engage in activities that enrich the lives of our members and their children. To perform service projects that benefit mothers and children in our community.

MOMS Club® is an international non-profit organization of MOMS Offering Moms Support. With over 2000 chapters we offer support, understanding, and friendship for the daily joys and tasks of motherhood. Motherhood can be a very rewarding career but it is also hard work and peer support can help reduce stress, worry, and loneliness. We are here to give support and understanding to each other as we raise our children.

As a member, you will have the option to engage with fellow moms and attending as many kid-friendly events as you are able. Some things we offer are:

  • Daytime Activities For Moms and Kids
  • Monthly Moms’-Night-Out
  • Family Picnics
  • Support Services
  • Community Service Projects
  • Playgroups
  • Monthly Socials

We welcome moms of all religious, ethnic, and political backgrounds and views. If you are interested in joining, please visit our How To Join page or Contact Us.