There are several opportunities to advertise with MOMS Club of Tigard-Tualatin. By advertising with us, your business will have the ability to reach all of our current members and their families. As a non-profit organization we take donations for our events and activities but all leftover funds go to our yearly service projects which benefit moms and children in the community.


Discount Vendors

If you are a local business you can partner with MOMS Club of Tigard-Tualatin to provide savings to our members and to promote your business across our public and private channels. We seek to partner with businesses to benefit moms and children through coupons, discounts, and general savings for current members of our group. These benefits will be distributed to new members in their welcome packets. Your business logo along with a link to your website will appear on our website.



Newsletter Ads

Advertise in our members-only newsletter. Ads run month-by-month and must be ordered by the 15th of the month leading up to your ad. Newsletters go out on the first of every month. Half page and whole page ads are available. Ads in our newsletter are primarily reserved for Mom-Owned-Businesses.


Corporate Sponsorship

MOMS Club of Tigard-Tualatin accepts corporate sponsorships for our club and events we are hosting. Our goal is to provide support for moms and children in the community and aim to partner with businesses who support our vision. Corporate sponsors will appear on our page with links back to your website. Currently, we are working on our preschool fair for 2018, please email us for questions on how to apply as a sponsor. If you are a sponsor of our preschool fair your logo and website will appear in our catalog as a sponsor.



MOMS Club of Tigard-Tualatin accepts donations for events we host such as our preschool fair (January 2018), community events we are part of (Tigard Fun Run), and yearly service projects we organize. Our donators will be recognized in our brochures for the event. Please email with any donation questions.



***MOMS Club of Tigard-Tualatin and MOMS Club © International are not affiliated with the advertisers on this site.***