Q:  What is MOMS Club?

A:   MOMS Club an international non-profit organization dedicated to supporting moms who stay-at-home, working part-time, and moms with home businesses.  We meet during daylight hours when moms need the support and camaraderie the most for a variety of events and activities. What sets us apart from other groups is that we are mom-focused, we are a moms club after all. While our events are all kid-friendly, they are designed to be fun for moms and a way for us to talk to each other and get support.

Q:  Who runs the club?

A:  The club strongly member-driven but led by a board of elected board members who each donate their own time to make sure the club runs smoothly. Each of our members is welcomed and encouraged to host or coordinate our monthly activities and other programs.  It’s only by working together that a bunch of moms can accomplish all that we do!

Q:  How often would I be required to attend?

A:  You may attend as often or as little as you like depending on your needs, your kids’ desires, and your schedule. There are no requirements.

Q:  Can my kids come to all the events, even MOM focused events or business meetings?

A:  Yes, children are welcome at all events with the exception of Moms Night Out. MNO is our only nighttime event and mom-only event, although babies that are still nursing are welcome. We expect children to be at all other events and provide entertainment for them even if we’re doing a mom activity (usually in the form of toys and the other children!).

Q:  What ages of children do you all have?

A: Our membership is open to any mom in our area so the ages vary. We are a MOMS Club first and foremost so even when their children outgrow the playgroups and events, many moms continue to be members for the camaraderie and support. Currently, our largest age group is the 0-5 range.

Q:  How much does it cost to join?

A:  Our dues are $30/year which comes out to $2.50 per month. However, we never turn away a mom because of financial hardship.

Q:  What are dues used for?

A:  We are a non-profit organization, any money collected will be used exclusively for our programs and projects. These included administrative expenses, our meetup.com page, event space rentals, and the service projects we do throughout the year.

Q:  Are there any other costs?

A:  Some of our activities are free and some have a small cost associated with them, such as entry to a local indoor play park or snacks at the pumpkin patch. We try to keep a good balance of free and low-cost events because moms often make considerable financial sacrifices when they stay home. Because we have a non-profit status we are often eligible for special discounts in the community that we try to take advantage of.

Q:  Why must I attend an event before joining?  Why don’t you post your prospective member events publicly?

A:  This is not because we are “exclusive” but because the safety of our members and our children is our number one concern. We ask that all potential members attend at least one event in a public space so we can meet her and her children and know that she is real. The last thing we want is for someone with bad intentions to gain access to sensitive information that could put our members and children in danger.  Current members are the only ones who have access to the location of events, the only exception to this is our Open House events which we advertise in the community.