Step 1: Contact Us

Please fill out a contact form or email us at for a schedule of upcoming events. Our membership coordinator will respond to you promptly with a few options of events you are welcome to attend.


Step 2: Attend an Event (or two)

Attend an event and decide if you want to join us. Generally, these take place in a public space that is kid-friendly. We understand that the way our group works might not be a great fit for everyone but we invite you to try two events before making a decision, you will have the chance to meet more members that way and to experience different types of events.


Step 3: Complete Your Membership

Complete the membership form, read and sign our terms and conditions, and pay the annual dues of $40. We are a non-profit organization, any money collected will be used exclusively for our local chapter and service projects. These dues help offset the cost of some events, pay for our page, space rentals, and other administrative expenses.

Once your dues are paid you will be accepted to our page where we schedule upcoming events and receive an invite to our private Facebook group. Please contact the membership coordinator at for access to these.

We hope you consider joining us!