Our Monthly Social meets once a month at a kid-friendly location and is a great time to catch up with everyone and get to know new members. This is where we address club business, host discussions, and answer questions that are club related. They are a great place for potential members to get a feel for the club and hear from current members about why they love MOMS Club.


We try to host 2-4 events per week at varying times. Events are coordinated by members or the board. As a non-profit organization, we make an effort to obtain club discounts or complimentary tickets in the metropolitan area.

Mom and kid-friendly events include summertime picnics, group tours, the zoo, the children museum, and many other fun activities. During the rainy season, we enjoy playgroups at various indoor playpark, moms and muffins parties at members houses, activities at the local libraries, and special tours/indoor events.

In addition to our member outings, there are several group activities for members with common interests. Any current member may organize or participate in any activity group. In the past, these groups have consisted of Playgroups, Babysitting Co-ops, Book Clubs, Bunco, etc.

Moms’ Night Out– The one outing for moms only (but babies who are still nursing are also welcome). These events are meant to be fun, relaxing, and a way for moms to bond with each other kid-free. In the past we have done paint night, escape rooms, dinner and watching the Christmas ships, movies, concerts, etc.

Playgroups– Members take turns hosting group of moms of similar aged kids either at their homes or parks. These events can be mixed ages but work best when children are of similar ages and can play well with each other.

Book Club– Moms meet monthly to discuss books of interest that span a variety of topics and genres.

Babysitting Co-op– Members take turns providing safe, dependable, and inexpensive babysitting services through a well developed and trusted app.



We recognize that there can come a time when moms need a little extra help. This includes the birth of a new baby, illness, deaths, or other private family matters. Support services coordinate temporary assistance for members that include meal trains, help with domestic chores, emergency transportation, in a pinch childcare, or simply someone to listen. If a member finds herself in need or knows of another member who might benefit from support, she can contact the Support Service Coordinator. Matters are always kept confidential.



As a nonprofit organization with a goal of serving moms and children in our community, we make it a priority to donate our time and funds each year. Our aim is to increase community awareness of this charity while assisting the organization in any way we can through the support and participation of our members.